Biography Marinelli graduated from “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome with a degree in the subject of Classic Piano. He consequently gained a specialist degree in Maximum Notes at “F. Venezze” Conservatory in Rovigo.   For years now he has dedicated himself to performing concerts, playing in Italy as well as abroad as a leader or […]


Marinelli graduated from “Santa Cecilia” Conservatory in Rome with a degree in the subject of Classic Piano. He consequently gained a specialist degree in Maximum Notes at “F. Venezze” Conservatory in Rovigo.


For years now he has dedicated himself to performing concerts, playing in Italy as well as abroad as a leader or a side-man and in wider contexts such as big bands or orchestras, performing in many established theatres, shows, festivals and jazz clubs. He has been playing with a great number of Italian and international musicians, such as Enrico Rava, Cameron Brown, Fabrizio Sferra, Pietro Ciancaglini, Marco Tamburini, Fabio Zeppetella, Giulio Capiozzo, Adam Pache, Vincenzo Florio, Mike Rossi, Tiziana Ghiglione, Gianluca Renzi , Nicola Angelucci, Fabrizio Puglisi, Marcello Di Leonardo, Cristiano Arcelli , Fabrizio Bosso, Scott Robinson, Ron Seguin, Benjamin Jephta, Marlo Witboy, Melanie Scholtz, Susanna Stivali, Diana Torto, Sherman Irby, Paolo Silvestri, Xavier Girotto, Beppe Servillo, Gabriele Mirabassi, Daniele Santimone, Roberto Taufic, Gilson Silveira, Stefano Bedetti, Chicco Capiozzo, Paolo Ghetti, Massimo Manzi, Fabrizio Bosso, Giovanni Falzone.


As a leader, composer and arranger he has been playing with various trios under his name, presenting projects and albums in different clubs and festivals in Italy and abroad – such as Fano Jazz by The Sea, Ancona Jazz, Casalini Jazz Festival (Rovigo), La casa del Jazz (Roma), Villa Cellimontana, Senigallia Jazz Festival, Jesi jazz Festival, Val Badia Jazz, Sciala Jazz Molfetta, Saje Festival (South African Association for Jazz Education), Alezander Platz, Auditorium Parco della Musica, The Cript (Cape Town), Nassau Music Hall Cape Town, Hlava XXII Music club Bratislava (Slovacchia), Music Cafè Nitra (Slovacchia), Blue note Nove Mesto (Slovacchia) among others.


Recently he played in a solo piano recital at the Chisholm Recital Room, SA College of Music at UCT (University of Cape Town).


Since the beginning of the ‘Colours Jazz Orchestra’ which is directed by one of it’s permanent members, Massimo Morganti, he has been playing, recording, arranging and at times collaborating with prominent international figures of Jazz, such as Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Bob Mintzer.**


Besides the jazz bands he is a part of, Marinelli works as a pianist, arranger and composer in cross-sectional projects such as Jazz-funk, Pop, Gospel as well as partaking in various theatre works.


  • Tours in Europe – in Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Serbia with Jestofunk (Sony/Irma Records band).
  • From 2007 to 2015 he was the director of the “Slave Song” Gospel Choir in Fano, with whom he was composing, arranging and performing in many festivals and events around Central Italy.
  • Since 2012 he has been collaborating with Raffaello Editrice, (leading Italian publisher of children’s literature) by composing, arranging and producing around 20 CDs of music for children.

Theatre works

  • Teatro del silenzio” (Silent theatre) from Lajatico (Pisa) with Andrea Boccelli and various relevant musicians such as Nathan East, Greg Bissonette, Dean Parks, David Foster, Randy Kerber; accompanying internationally renowned Pop artists such as Laura Pausini, Elisa, Heater Headley, Chris Botty, Kenny G; Recorded on DVD, published by Universal.
  • Decameron”, under the direction of Maurizio Schmidt, working together with actors such as Gigio Alberti, Elena Bucci, Marco Sgrosso, Marco Manchisi.
  • Teríaca” (dance and theatre show) as a transcriber, arranger, author of original pieces and pianist, collaborating with the Taranta Power School in Bologna by Eugenio Bennato. With this research project about “tarantismo” and Mediterranean dances he has been playing at the Department of Literature and Philosophy of Tor Vergata University in Rome, at the University of Lecce, as well as at the Taroudannt Festival in Marocco, El Djem Festival in Tunisia and in other areas of Salento (Leuca, Tricase, Corsano) and Sicily.
  • Dove il cielo va a finire (una storia per Mia Martini)” ( Where the sky ends; a story for Mia Martini) as piano performer, under the direction of Bruno Montefusco, together with Gianluca Ferrato; arrangements by Stefano De Meo in scena al Teatro Litta di Milano.
  • The recital “A Valeria e al suo amico Renato Sellani” (“To Valeria and her friend Renato Sellani”) edited by Franco Cecchini, with the actress Agnese Ascioti in Jesi, within the setting of the homenage to Valeria Moriconi on the tenth anniversary of her death, by the Pergolesi-Spontini Found ation.



  • Marinelli was recently invited by the National High Institute of Music in Algeri to hold master-classes as a pianist, arranger and composer within the 7th International Cultural Festival of Symphonic Music in Algeri.
  • From April to June 2012 Marinelli he gave monthly master-classes in Jazz and Improvisation at the Nitra Konservatorium in Slovakia.
  • For years now he has been teaching Piano/ Jazz piano/ Improvisation technique/ Musica d’insieme/ Trio Workshop/ Voices Ensemble/ in many private schools and cultural associations in the Italian region of Marche, amongst others: Residential summer seminars Arcevia Jazz; “Libera Accademia del Jazz” Ancona; Accademia Musicale in Ancona; Istituto Musicale “Federico Marini” in Falconara Marittima (An); Istituto “G.B. Pergolesi” in Jesi; Associazione Culturale “Slave Song” in Fano; Scuola di Musica “Opus One” in Senigallia; Istituto “Bettino Padovan” in Senigallia; “Ars Live scuola di Musica” in Recanati-Castelfidardo; “Zero-Crossing Accademia di musica moderna” in Fano; Marche Music College.


Education and Formation

In addition to his institutional studies, Marinelli has been taking proficiency courses with Italian and international teachers and artists, such as:

  • A follow-up workshop in the US (New York, Boston) with Hal Crook, Edward Simon, Aaron Goldberg and Ted Rosenthal;
  • A proficiency course on classical repertory with the master Riccardo Marini at the Music Association “Tommaso D’Aquino” (Roma);
  • A Master Class given by Paul Motian and Enrico Pieranunzi;
  • Summer seminars at Siena Jazz, given by F. D’Andrea and Claudio Fasoli;
  • As a winner of a European Community scholarship, he attended high professional qualification courses given by Stefano Battaglia, Furio Di Castri, Marco Tamburini and Pietro Tonolo at Siena Jazz Association;
  • Private proficiency courses with the master Agnese Gatto;
  • Improvisation course (1 year) at “Accademia Romana di Musica” given by Danilo Rea, Maurizio Gianmarco, Giovanni Tommaso, Fabrizio Sferra and Fabio Zeppetella;
  • Master classes by Ramberto Ciammarughi.

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